# Billing & Invoicing

To view your invoices; login to WarpURL at https://warpurl.com/ (opens new window). Navigate to the Invoices (opens new window) using the left hand side menu.

# Overview

Pricing is tier based on the amount of Links you have per Subscription and any additional invalidations. Subscriptions are billed and invoiced individually. Payment arrangements like grouping multiple Subscriptions into a single payment and invoice is possible at volumes, please contact support if this is required.

PayPal is used to do the monthly debit order as well as to process the one time only setup fee. The small setup fee is required to provision the necessary infrastructure for that subscription.

The monthly debit order will be processed on the first of every month. The time elapsed between creating the Subscription and the first billing cycle is free. As example; if you were to signup on the 10th of January, the immediate one time only setup fee will be processed and then the monthly debit order will only be processed the first of the next month, the 1ste of February. The time elapsed between creating the Subscription on the 10th of Jan to the 1ste of Feb will not be billed.


PayPal might do a $1 transaction against your debit/credit card at the time of the purchase to verify that the account is still active. After this transaction is successful, it will be revered immediately.

# Invoices

Subscriptions are billed and invoiced individually unless other payment arrangements have been setup. An Invoice can contain billing lines for:

  • One time setup fee
  • Pricing plan that is linked to the amount of Links
  • Additional Link invalidations

Invoices are emailed to the Account User that created the Subscription.