# Getting Started

# Glossary

# Structure

The first step is registering the Account User on WarpURL at https://warpurl.com/ (opens new window). This will be the portal where you create and manage one or more Subscriptions. A Subscription is identified by its shortening domain and contains all links, users and other entities for that shortening domain.

Each Subscription has two important URLs/domains; the shortening domain and the app/admin domain. In the case of our demo, the shortening domain is demo.warpurl.net, this is the base for all of the short URLs/links, example: demo.warpurl.net/test-ping. The app/admin domain is app.demo.warpurl.net, this is where we create the above short link, tags, campaigns, imports, manage users ect.

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# Managing Subscriptions

The Account User on the WarpURL Portal creates and manages Subscriptions. Creating a Subscription requires the creation of a monthly debit order using PayPal. A Domain is also required with access to its Hosted Zone to create 4 DNS records.

Subscriptions are billed and invoiced individually. All invoices are stored in the WarpURL Portal and emailed to the Account User. Payment arrangements like grouping multiple Subscriptions into a single payment and invoice is possible at volumes, please contact support if this is required.

See the sections below for more information:

# Subscription

A Subscription can have multiple users (Super Admin/Admin/User) with varying permissions. Each user only has access to their own data such as Links, Dashboard, Campaigns, Imports, Access Keys ect. Users can be assumed/impersonated to "share" their data between each other if needed.

A Link can have multiple Tags but only a single Campaign and Campaign Channel. The slug can be specified or left empty to use an auto generated random value.

Links can be viewed by; newest first, by Campaign, by Tags or most/least popular over all time - that month - or that day.

All the basic information for a link is recorded; total clicks, monthly clicks, daily clicks, hourly clicks and unique clicks are tracked. When available we also record the following; locations (the closest major country & city), top referrers, devices, operating system, browser and human vs. bot clicks. Processing history of links to create statistics is done in batches and near real time (approximately 5 minutes).

See the sections below for more information:


Every action seen on the frontend can be accessed using the API.

All API calls are:

  • POST requests.
  • Uses JSON for both request and response.
  • Always return HTTP Status Code 200 and contains a control.ResponseCode that needs to be evaluated for success.

Authentication is done via two headers. The first being the API Key (x-api-key) obtained from the WarpURL portal by viewing that Subscription details, it is just used to isolate traffic of that Subscription. The second being the user's Access Key (Authorization) that is a JWT ID Token used to identify the user when doing the requests.

See the sections below for more information: